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about us

Founded in the belief that all is possible


Our belief is in the ideals of Continuous Engagement - A multiplier effect of Continuous Improvement and Employee Engagement. Unleash the unlimited potential of your people and innovations to build a thriving enterprise.

This is why we exist


company values

Solutions oriented mindset
service as a core belief
exceeding client expectations
ensuring mutual communication
a clients best interest is our best interest
embracing imagineering as a strategic opportunity
team-centric relationship with clients 
David DiPerri
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David diperri
Founder • finance
David has over 25 years of strategic business guidance seasoning built from a wide array of roles in both the for-profit and non-profit space ranging from CFO, VP of Finance, Director of Innovation, Relationship Manager, Director of Operations, Director of IT & Board Member / Board Chair. He's led continuous improvement initiatives that have yielded several business VC funding rounds and business sale transactions. David's combined gifts and acuity of vision, financial & operational analytics and strong connection with people at all levels within the organization serves as a catalyst for progress.
Andy Herbine
andy herbine
founder • operations
With over 20 years of professional experience, mostly in the construction industry, Andy brings a wealth knowledge of finance, production, project and resource management, process and overall operational wherewithal. From makers to owners and all roles in between, he is fascinated and energized by finding the sweet spot of why, what, who, and how that makes businesses thrive. Helping others to identify and overcome complex problems, whether inherent or inflicted, with simple solutions is where he feels fulfilled. We joke that Andy is our “QB1”, having been a former Division-I quarterback for the University of Maine. But, that experience helped to build the foundation for work ethic and his ability as both a leader and partner. When Andy isn’t hurling the pigskin or yelling “fore”, he is doing what he loves the most, spending time with his family.
Erich Greenebaum
erich greenebaum
founder • technology
Erich brings over thirty years of experience inventing the future. Starting out in the special effects film and location based entertainment worlds, he worked with Universal Studios, Hitachi, Sega, Imax, and Sarnoff Corporation, among others, innovating modern digital production techniques. He is an inventor on several patents in the US and Japan. During this phase of his career, Erich developed deep experience in robotics, simulation, computer graphics, computerized manufacturing, and complex production workflows. More recently, he has focussed on the Cloud Computing space helping enterprises transition to the cloud, freeing leaders to invest IT dollars in value creation rather than infrastructure and maintenance. Throughout his career, Erich has focussed on combining emerging technologies, creating a sum greater than its parts to disrupt entrenched industries.
Marc Herrington
marc herrington
marketing specialist
Marc is a marketing professional who brings a new wave of creativity to modern business practices. Marc's focus on marketing is backed by an MBA, giving him a deep perspective on go to market strategy with a 360 degree business perspective. His academic background is rounded out with concrete skills in SEO, web development, digital marketing, inbound marketing, social media, and event management. With his entrepreneurial mindset, Marc is unafraid to confront new challenges with an open mind and tenacious drive to find the best solution for any problem. Two of Marc's key attributes, loyalty and worldliness, evolved from a youth spent traveling the globe playing soccer. Marc's contribution to the team encompasses this unique blend of technical skill, creativity, and a passion for learning.
Marie Pawlak
Employee engagement

Marie’s passion is to develop individuals and teams. As an experienced coach and advisor, she has the skills and tools to enable leaders to grow to their next level. Her goal is to enable leaders to become the best they can be and deliver focused results. Her unique qualifications combined with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, gives her the ability to work with talented high achievers to quickly find the pivot point patterns in companies that will bring them to a healthier state. Combining this with her experiential learning methodologies, she helps leaders experiment with new mindsets, build critical skills, as well as expand their capacities and competencies. Marie

specializes in helping executives understand the value systems that drives their team's to get the best results through motivation and collaboration. 

Marie Pawlak
Tomasz Fiechowski
tomasz fiechowski
software engineer
Tomasz has always been driven to build new things which bring value to others. Blending entrepreneurship with programming skill, he understands the importance of validating new ideas and User Experience in the market with customers and their users. Tomasz focusses on frontend development using modern frameworks and robust CI/CD processes, but has a well rounded background in full-stack methodology.
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